Reveries #4: Comparisons

[This story comes courtesy of my friend Jenna, who relayed it to me as we soaked in her landlord’s hot tub one evening. She modestly undressed in the bathroom and met me out on the deck wrapped in a towel. Once I dropped my towel and stepped into the steaming water, she blushed and bashfully dropped hers. The fantasy she proceeded to relay stood in stark contrast to her apparent self-consciousness.]

I’ve always mostly liked the way I look naked. I’ll look myself up and down in the mirror when I get out of the shower. When I was little, I’d squint my eyes and try to imagine myself with big breasts like my older sister. She was completely unashamed, and would parade topless around the room we shared most mornings getting ready for school. I was always much more shy about nudity, but there was something in her openness that appealed to me deeply.

When I masturbate, I often play around with this idea, seeing how much of myself I can imagine exhibiting to strangers and friends while remaining turned on.

[Jenna’s bashfulness evaporates as she talks. She’s propped up on her elbows on the edge of the tub, gesticulating as she carefully selects her words. I’m struck by the way her nerdiness (a quality I value highly) mingles with the soft-focus loveliness of her naked body, lending her the aura of a comic book character.]

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Reveries #3: Description

[The characters in this story live on opposite ends of the continent, and have never met. They only know one another through emails and phone calls.]

The boy’s phone rings on the bed next to him and he sees that it’s the girl calling. He has a great deal of anticipation for this call, ever since the two of them arranged it a few days ago. They plan to get off together for the first time.

He picks up the phone and she greets him softly on the other end. Her voice is sweet and innocent, giving away nothing about her voracious sexual appetite. They exchange slightly bashful greetings, suggestively asking how the other has been feeling lately.

The girl is also sitting on her bed, just out of the shower, wearing a thin cotton tanktop and a pair of plain white panties. The boy asks what she’s wearing, and after describing her outfit, she asks him the same. He’s wearing a pair of boxers.

"I’m really turned on imagining you right now," he admits.

"Oh yeah? Describe how turned on you are."

"I’m thinking about your breasts underneath that tanktop, and I’m starting to get hard. It’s starting to strain against my boxers."

"Pull it out."

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Reveries #2: Memory

[This story was inspired by a fantasy shared with me by a friend. I’ll tell it from his perspective.]

Lately, when I’ve been getting myself off, I’ve played out the same fantasy in my head. It’s a variation on one I’ve had for a long time, but lately I’ve taken it further than before. It involves a girl I dated the summer after high school, A, who very much embodies a kind of sexual ideal for me. She was a big girl, her curves soft and full, and she never shied from experimentation.

In this fantasy, she and I are at a park, sitting on the grass. We begin making out, and pretty soon she’s on top of me, pulling her shirt up over her head. I tell her I’m nervous about people seeing us, to which she replies, Let them watch.

I gaze up at her tits levitating over me, wanting them against my face. She scoots back a bit and unzips my fly, reaching in and pulling out my cock. I’m hard, which makes her bite her lower lip and groan quietly. Stand up and take off your clothes, she tells me.

Still a little worried about being seen, I oblige. She sits on her knees, pressing her tits together with her arms, watching me undress. Once I’m naked, she pats the grass next to her and stands up. I sit down and watch as she strips slowly for me, as comfortable as if we were in her bedroom. First the skirt comes off, then the tights, then the lacy black panties. Her pussy is shaved smooth, and imagining her straddling my face sends another warm rush to my cock. Now, naked as me, she sits on the grass beside me. I lean back on my elbows and she begins to stroke my erection softly, cooing dirty questions to me as she does it. I shift to my side and place my hand between her legs. Her pussy is soft and hot.

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