A word of encouragement

“Take off your clothes,” she said after letting me in. We’d never met, but for the last week we had been discussing plans for today over email.

I did as I was told, as I had agreed to do, and she watched. She watched as I pulled my shirt up over my head, and as I stepped out of my jeans.

“Now the rest,” she said, pointing to my boxers. Something stirred in there as she pointed, but I didn’t begin to harden. I was still a bit nervous for that. Nonetheless, I tossed off my boxers and stood before her completely nude. I watched the way she looked me up and down like I was a statue that brought her pleasure. “Now go sit on the couch.”

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Her vengeful hands

The cafe had closed twenty minutes ago and M was nearly done cleaning up. He was alone in the darkened shop, thinking about the day’s events. One of his coworkers, a girl about five years older, had been especially flirtatious, and M found himself starting to stiffen thinking about her as he cleaned the espresso machine.

She had touched him at every opportunity it seemed, and had at one point rubbed her breasts against his shoulders as she squeezed past him. He was imagining the feeling of her breasts against his body — he could remember each individually — which made him continue to stiffen under his apron. The situation presented only one problem: M shared a small studio apartment with a friend, and knew that once he got home there would be no privacy. He really needed to get himself off though. Glancing toward the bathroom, he decided quickly to masturbate before leaving work.

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Crimson & clover, part 2: over and over

After my evening with Bri last week, all I could think about when I saw her was sex. The way she saunters around the house, the fact that she doesn’t wear a bra half the time even though her tits are very large, the look she keeps shooting me when I walk in the door. These things contributed to a near-constant hardon when she was around.

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Crimson & clover, part one

My new housemate is a bohemian by her own admission. And you all know how I feel about bohemians. She sunbathes in our backyard naked. That kind of bohemian.

Since I moved in, Bri’s taken me to two hot springs and a nude beach, so we’ve grown accustomed to being naked around each other. Her level of comfort with her body is contagious, it seems. Some curvy girls spend their days pining for a different shape, but Bri treats her hips like bragging rights and her tits like prizes hard-won.

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