The hedonists, part two: how they are hungry

One thing is for sure: they all come because they are hungry. How they are hungry! 1

Some of them are broken in one way or another, some of them invincible — but they all have a hunger burning just beneath their soft skin. It surfaces often when they’re together, manifesting as flushed-cheeks, lock-eyed gazes, or a desperate writhing dance. Once each of them has put his or her hunger on display in this way (or other ways, there are so many!), the hungers become a sort of pure sexual energy, which our hedonists share with one another in all manner of ways.

Through the air:
He presses his body against hers, letting his hands find her wild, bucking places. Through her hair, he utters a few electric words into her ear.

Through the air, silently:
His eyes are locks that she gently inserts twin skeleton-keys into, turns them in unison. She does this with her eyes, across the dance floor.

Through the skin:
The two girls meld into a sort of many-armed goddess, two bodies made into one through a complexly syncopated constellation of mirrors, it seems.

[That’s all I have for you today, but there will be more.]