Reveries #2: Memory

[This story was inspired by a fantasy shared with me by a friend. I’ll tell it from his perspective.]

Lately, when I’ve been getting myself off, I’ve played out the same fantasy in my head. It’s a variation on one I’ve had for a long time, but lately I’ve taken it further than before. It involves a girl I dated the summer after high school, A, who very much embodies a kind of sexual ideal for me. She was a big girl, her curves soft and full, and she never shied from experimentation.

In this fantasy, she and I are at a park, sitting on the grass. We begin making out, and pretty soon she’s on top of me, pulling her shirt up over her head. I tell her I’m nervous about people seeing us, to which she replies, Let them watch.

I gaze up at her tits levitating over me, wanting them against my face. She scoots back a bit and unzips my fly, reaching in and pulling out my cock. I’m hard, which makes her bite her lower lip and groan quietly. Stand up and take off your clothes, she tells me.

Still a little worried about being seen, I oblige. She sits on her knees, pressing her tits together with her arms, watching me undress. Once I’m naked, she pats the grass next to her and stands up. I sit down and watch as she strips slowly for me, as comfortable as if we were in her bedroom. First the skirt comes off, then the tights, then the lacy black panties. Her pussy is shaved smooth, and imagining her straddling my face sends another warm rush to my cock. Now, naked as me, she sits on the grass beside me. I lean back on my elbows and she begins to stroke my erection softly, cooing dirty questions to me as she does it. I shift to my side and place my hand between her legs. Her pussy is soft and hot.

After some time we work into a steady rhythm together, her voice growing steadily more sing-songy. Suddenly, she flashes me a devious smile and makes a waving come here gesture toward some trees. Presently, six of her girlfriends stroll out single-file onto the grass. They don’t react to our nudity, but just greet both of us calmly and stand in front of us, chatting quietly with one another. Each of her friends that I would fantasize about is there. E is there, who I made out with once after a party; S is there, whose small, perky tits appeared frequently in my imaginings; J is there, who never seemed to approve of A’s hedonism, C is there, who dated A’s roommate, and who we could often hear moaning during sex; L is there, whose large, buoyant tits appeared frequently in my imaginings, D is there, who would always suggest skinny-dipping after bonfires.

A smiles at me again and resumes her soft, long strokes up and down my cock. The girls watch and chat idly with one another. I lean over and begin stroking A’s pussy again, massively turned on by our audience. Once we work up into our rhythm again, A’s sighs turning into whimpers, S steps forward and nonchalantly undresses. She stands nude before us and her friends, turning slowly so that we can see everything. I look at A, and she nods her approval, increasing the intensity of her strokes. I match her pace.

Next, L steps forward and pulls up her shirt to reveal her big tits. I grunt with pleasure. As she disrobes, E strips down to her underwear and hesitates before unclasping her bra. By this time, D is naked and C is down to her panties. I watch the group finish undressing as their friend A expertly pumps my cock.

With all the girls naked and lined up before us, we’re able to admire each of them separately. A leads my gaze down the line, asking me what I think of each girl’s body. Do you like her legs? How about her tits? I answer yes to all of her questions.

After our survey is complete, I lower myself between A’s legs and begin to eat her out. From there, I can watch A’s face, drawn up with pleasure, and I can look at each of the girls watching me pleasure their friend. I work her up to an orgasm quickly, savoring the way J’s eyes widen as A tells me to keep licking her pussy. She comes hard against my mouth, and I enjoy her moans as much as I enjoy the curious gazes of her girlfriends. She pulls me up and kisses me hard on the mouth, pushing me back onto the ground.

I lay back on the cool grass and A spreads my legs, letting the girls get a full view of my stiff cock. I feel vulnerable and exposed in the best possible way. Now we’re going to show them how you come, she says.

A leans over my lap and takes my cock into her hot mouth. She takes me in effortlessly. I cup her hanging tits in my hands as she begins to bob up and down my length with greater speed. Her girlfriends step closer and form a circle around the two of us. I look up to see them silhouetted against the blue sky, their tits hovering over me. A sucks my cock harder yet, and I tell her she’s going to make me come. She sits up briefly and tells me she wants me to show her friends how I like too come all over her belly.

With her tight, perfect mouth back around me, I feel an orgasm approaching. The girls put their arms over each others shoulders and form a dome over A and me, their hair hanging down, brushing against my face. Their tits have formed a row surrounding me like a books on a shelf. I spin my head around in a slow pan as A expertly brings me to climax. When I’m about to come, A pops me out of her mouth and lays on the her back, her head between E’s feet. I get up onto my knees between her legs and begin to stroke my wet, slippery cock. Show them how much you come, A coos, squeezing her big, soft tits together. I feel myself tipping into orgasm, the girls’ tits nearly in my face. With a few last strokes, I crest the hill and squeeze my cock in my hand, letting the first shot of cum land on A’s lovely, soft belly. She moans her approval to me, telling me how much she likes my cum, telling me to cum for her girlfriends. The second shot reaches her tits, and drapes itself over her nipples. Each successive shot lands on another soft, awaiting part of A’s body. My orgasm lasts long enough for me to make brief but deliberate eye contact with each of A’s friends. They show me so much tenderness.