The bottom third
Sleepover becomes midnight threesome

Soul music, sweaty bodies, electric attraction

Old comforts, fleeting moments, choices
Reconnecting with a lover from the past

Reveries #5: Audiences
Five scenes, five audiences

Reveries #4: Comparisons
Jenna fantasizes about having an audience of friends & strangers as she pleasures erself

Reveries #3: Description
In which two young, long-distance lovers describe their bodies over the phone, come together

Reveries #2: Memory
Six of A’s old girlfriends return to watch her boyfriend come

Reveries #1: Perspective
One explorer, one observer, two narratives, two climaxes

The hedonists part two: how they are hungry
A closer look at their frenzied ways

The hedonists
An introduction to their youth & determination

Strawberries, or Charlotte’s surprise visit
Charlotte & I exchange dirty words, among other things

In Leanne’s garden
On the balmiest day of the year, Leanne’s body enchants me

Steam, snow & Bri
Bri, Olivia & I spend a snowy naked day at some hotsprings

Things on display
Will & Angie put on a show for a group of strangers at the nude beach

A word of encouragement
In which I surrender to a stranger’s demands

Her vengeful hands
When Irma catches M masturbating where he shouldn’t, she punishes him swiftly

Crimson & clover, part 2: over and over
Bri returns the favor

Crimson & clover, part one
In which I taste Bri for the first time, bring her to a much-needed orgasm

Beautiful bohemian, part two
Renee & I make out, come together

A generous older woman
In which Evelyn senses what B needs, and tenderly guides him to it

Beautiful bohemian, or Renee in a thin white blouse and a homemade skirt
I drop in for a visit, Renee comes twice

In which Joan walks in braless, asks for my opinion

Becky’s hungry mouth
Becky wants two cocks in her mouth, Craig & I oblige

On stage, showing off her ass
Sheer dressing room curtains, a dress one size too small

Coffee, tea or me?
A stewardess leaves an impression on the 6 train

Holding Sara’s hand while she cums
Sara brings herself to a beautiful orgasm for me

Masturbating in front of Sara
In which we follow through on our plan, half of it at least

In which a pair of briefs spark something unexpected

Masturbating with my old friend and his girlfriend
The three of us get ourselves off together

In which a coworker takes what she wants from me

Watching Katy and Emma
In which the two girls put on a spirited show for B

Thanksgiving Gracie, Part 2 - Main course
Gracie’s enthusiasm melts into something new, but not entirely different

Thanksgiving Gracie, Part 1 - Preparations
In which I meet Gracie, am taken with her enthusiasm

Coffee with Sara, plans laid
Sara & I discuss the details, make plans

Sunday fantasy
Sara expresses her interest in watching me masturbate

At the Giordano’s
Will spends an arousing weekend in the company of an older woman